Rapid initiation of consumer and private insolvency proceedings

Consumer insolvency proceedings are usually at the end of an extremely difficult over-indebtedness period. For many people it is the last resort out of an economic predicament. As lawyers specialised in insolvency law, we will accompany you reliably, quickly and competently in the event of a consumer insolvency.

At the beginning of consumer insolvency proceedings there is first of all an out-of-court settlement of debts with an attempt to reach an agreement moderated by us. Only when this attempt has failed an application may be made to open consumer insolvency proceedings.

Compared to conventional debt counselling, legal advice offers the advantage of faster processing and higher professional competence at comparable costs. In our law firm you will receive an appointment within 24 hours if required.

Fast protection from your creditors

Due to our very efficient office structures, representation can usually be notified to creditors within a few days. Your creditors are then only allowed to contact you through our law firm and most of them comply with this obligation. This means that reminders and phone calls are promptly stopped by our intervention. The clients we accompany regularly tell us how good it feels to not be contacted by creditors anymore.

Of course, it is also possible for us to continue to represent clients after the opening of the proceedings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone without any obligation.

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