Contract negotiation, contract drafting and contract review

Contract drafting is precautionary and helps to define business relationships and avoid expensive disputes afterwards. As experienced lawyers who i. e. havep assed the notary’s examination, we will support you in developing tailor-made contractual solutions for your company or for you personally.

We can develop contract law solutions for you from a wide range of legal fields. This includes both contract drafting and representation in disputes about the content of contracts. Particularly worth mentioning are the areas of partnership agreements for e.g. Limited Liability Company and private corporation, marriage and civil partnership agreements as well as wills and inheritance contracts. Furthermore, we advise you on the drafting of service contracts, employment contracts, real estate purchase contracts and general terms and conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen – AGB).

Especially in important business transactions it is always worthwhile to seek competent legal assistance in order to achieve and fix the best possible result. We areat your side in all questions of contract drafting, contract review and also as support in your contract negotiations.

Your lawyers for contract law

Our offer includes complex matters such as the purchase of companies or parts of companies as well as the preparation of samples or parts of contracts.

Whether you need new general terms and conditions to use for your customers or you want to draft a company contract for a limited liability company or for a private corporationor an employment contract or checked or you want to create a sample employment contract. You are in good hands with us for all contractual matters.

You can also benefit from our network of cooperation partners in the field of tax consultancy and notary’s office, which can provide further specialist knowledge or the necessary notarisation in the shortest possible time if required. A foresightedly designed contract often helps to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal dispute later on.

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