Legal competence in all questions of corporate law

A further focus of our law firm is corporate law. This includes all questions in connection with business operations, trade licensing and trade prohibition.

We see ourselves as comprehensive legal advisors to our clients in decisive situations of their business. Therefore, our comprehensive range of services includes advice on trade law and administrative law for corporations, especially in disputes with authorities and other state agencies, chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of crafts and trade associations. All these institutions can have a fundamental influence on the success and continued existence of your company, both positively and negatively.

For all public institutions, a good knowledge of their own legal position and the respective procedural channels are important aspects. As your lawyers, we can guide you through these often confusing legal situations and assist you.

We advise all commercially active entrepreneurs, starting with handicraft businesses, through brokers and financial advisors to gastronomes.

In all these professional groups, questions of trade licensing or reliability often play an important role. With our legal support, you can strengthen your position in disputes with public authorities.

Representation in case of imminent trade prohibition

Especially in crisis scenarios, such as an imminent ban on trade, we are at your disposal with advice and action and our many years of experience. A legally binding prohibition can destroy livelihoods, which is why haste is often required and professional help is needed. In the case of tax debts as well as in case of overdue social security contributions, business prohibition proceedings can be initiated against your company, and in the worst case against you personally.

Expertise in administrative law and restructuring from a single source

When dealing with authorities, you often need a special tact and expertise in order to protect your interests as a client and entrepreneur in negotiations or in disputes, whether in or out of court. As one of our colleagues is a long-standing lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Municipal Administration in Hanover, we have been able to gain deep insights into the perspective of authorities. In addition, our special expertise in the field of reorganisation and restructuring also gives us the particular advantage that we can not only argue administrative law, but also – together with you – develop and present a credible reorganisation concept. This considerably improves the possible range of arguments before the authorities and helps you to overcome an emerging corporate crisis well. After developing and implementing a reorganisation concept, your company will be more competitive in the market.

If an out-of-court settlement with the authorities fails or has already failed, you will find in us a experienced and assertive litigators, also before the administrative court, who will guide you through the proceedings.

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