Competent representation in employment law

We advise and represent you in all matters of employment law. We have formed a focal point here and represent employees as well as small and medium-sized employers and works councils in day-to-day business operations and especially in the event of insolvency. In this way, we are well acquainted with the considerations of all parties involved and can support our clients in an optimal way in every matter, especially with regard to advice and representation in cases of dismissal.

Labour law and insolvency

We can offer special expertise in all labour law issues in connection with insolvencies. By combining both fields of activity, we can help you to take the right steps, especially when the employer is threatened with insolvency. Unlike most lawyers specialising in employment law, we are familiar with the special features of insolvency proceedings, especially with regard to the assertion of claims against the insolvency administrator and special notice periods or social plans.

We will be happy to advise you on legal matters when it comes to entering into a new employment relationship, when it comes to hiring and when employment contracts have to be drawn up or reviewed.

Regardless of whether the employment relationship is terminated by your own or a dismissal for operational reasons, or whether a dismissal protection lawsuit is filed or is necessary, we have the right advice for you, geared to your economic interests. Particularly in the case of legal disputes, we am at your side with experience, assertiveness and tact, and will do our utmost to protect your interests.

In case of warning and termination

We also want you as a company to be able to fulfil your duty of care in the best possible way. That’s why we offer a further range of legal advice in the area of mobbing as well as in the optimal conception of company pension schemes.

You will receive comprehensive employment law advice from lawyers with experience in negotiations and litigation. We will stand up for you.

In the event of a dispute or termination of employment, speed is of the essence:

When giving notice of termination, it is essential that it is pronounced promptly (often within two weeks), with a well-founded explanation of the content and in a formally correct manner. The difficulties here often lie in the details due to the very complicated case law. In any case, a consultation in advance can help to avoid an invalid termination and avoid mistakes caused by the often understandable human disappointment. We help you to avoid expensive mistakes and to find an economically reasonable solution.

If you have been dismissed, a quick and correct reaction is of great essence in order to protect your rights: Compliance with the three-week period of notice is essential to assert your rights in the event of a dispute. We are committed to preserving your job or a severance package. Please contact us and we will be at your side.

Of course, we will also help you with legal advice in all labour law matters and, in this context, we will also assist you in drafting a termination or settlement agreement and in drawing up employment references.

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