The topic of “insurance” evokes perplexity, bad moods and the feeling of being overwhelmed for many consumers and entrepreneurs. Which insurance do I really need? What content does an insurance contract need to have so that you are really covered in the event of a claim? What are the pitfalls of insurance contracts? Do I really need to read the fine print? What do I have to consider when concluding an insurance contract? How can I avoid overinsurance or underinsurance? Is third-party property also insured? This list of questions could be continued almost indefinitely.

You have probably asked yourself at least one of these questions before signing an insurance contract. As experienced advisors, we know the answers to your questions. We check insurance offers prepared for you and determine whether the offer presented to you is in line with your ideas of optimal insurance protection.

Since not every life situation or every insurance wish fits to already existing insurance conditions, we negotiate for you with your insurance broker or insurer individual contract conditions tailored to your needs.

We also advise you on your actual insurance needs in the case of current insurance contracts. This is because both underinsurance and overinsurance can mean the total or partial loss of your entitlement to insurance benefits in the event of a claim. The same applies to a so-called “increase of risk” (“Gefahrerhöhung”) which has not been notified to the insurer. To avoid this, it is necessary to determine your actual insurance needs. If necessary, we can draw on a network of experienced experts to determine the value of a property, for example, which is decisive for an appropriate insurance value (and thus to avoid under- or overinsurance).

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