Specialist lawyers for and quick help in insolvency law

A major focus of our legal work is insolvency law. An insolvency is not pleasant for any of the parties involved, be they entrepreneurs or private individuals, managers or creditors.

With over 10 years of experience in this field of law, we can assess the legal, economic and personal consequences from every perspective. Our approach is to always develop the best economic and personal solution for you as our clients.

Structuring options within and outside the insolvency proceedings

Insolvency law offers a wide range of options for entrepreneurs, companies and private individuals in crisis. The same applies to affected creditors, investors or shareholders. For all these interest groups there are options to significantly improve their positions in insolvency proceedings or by avoiding insolvency proceedings.

We are at your side, be it in restructuring scenarios, in assisting managing directors, debtors and creditors in insolvency proceedings, in litigation for and against insolvency administrators, as an expert witness, in the planning and implementation of restructuring concepts and as a defence counsel in insolvency cases. We will accompany you and your concerns through all procedural stages from “five before 12 to quarter past 12”.




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