Assertive criminal defence in the event of insolvency offences

As lawyers specialising in insolvency law, we are your contact for all legal questions in our field of expertise. For this reason, we also represent you as criminal defence attorneys in criminal law matters.

You will benefit from our experience as trial lawyers and as defence lawyers in criminal proceedings as well as our competence in commercial law. In contrast to a pure criminal defence lawyer, we offer you not only competence in criminal proceedings for your defence, but also the necessary economic understanding for the special situation of the crisis of your company. With this special know-how for the often complex insolvency-specific issues, a defence is often more effective.

Legal assistance from the preliminary proceedings to the criminal proceedings

Criminal liability as a managing director, board member or entrepreneur can, in the worst case, mean a professional ban or even a prison sentence or for you. At the very least, there is the high risk of a fine. I represent you as a defence lawyer in insolvency related criminal matters and help you to protect you from the worst consequences.

In case of a search or seizure, but also in case of a warrant of arrest or the threat of arrest, we will be at your side immediately and help you to prevent the worst consequences.

We will take over the defence in the case of insolvency offences such as delay in filing for bankruptcy, bankruptcy, embezzlement, fraud, credit fraud, withholding and embezzlement of wages and in the case of balance sheet offences.

Please feel free to call us without obligation – we will support you with your request.

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