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Insurance policies are offered on the market for every conceivable risk. Even if you think you are on the safe side in the event of a claim, practice shows that insurance companies often only partially settle the claim or even refuse to pay the insurance benefit altogether. The reasons for an insurer’s refusal to pay can be manifold. Starting with a restrictive claims handling at the insurer, up to a tardily proceeding expert’s procedure, the spectrum of reasons for a refusal of performance or delayed performance of the insurer is large.

At the latest when your insurance company refuses to settle your claim, it is time to seek legal assistance. As experienced lawyers, we support you in the enforcement of claims arising from insurance contracts. We competently represent your interests when differences arise between you and your insurer. From our many years of experience, we know how to counter the frequent objections of underinsurance, for example, or a breach of obligations by the policyholder. We will support you in avoiding lengthy disputes or reductions in benefits by the insurer out of court in the best case. We will check for you whether the insurer’s objections would be accepted at all and whether they would stand up to judicial review. However, we do not shy away from legal disputes in order to prevent you, as the policyholder, from ending up in an economically threatening situation.

If you have an insurance claim and your insurance company refuses to pay in whole or in part without being able to understand the reasons for this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer the following services to our clients:

Examination of liability claims against insurance brokers
Representation of insurance brokers in the defense of liability claims
Settlement of major claims
Examination of insurance contracts


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