Protection for your investments and assets

As lawyers specialising in insolvency law, we represent both creditors and investors in insolvency proceedings and in crisis.

Especially in the case of imminent insolvency, it is advisable to obtain expert advice in order to protect what can still be saved. The conceivable constellations in which we can assist you are widely spread.

Are you afraid of suffering losses with your capital investment (e.g. bonds, securities, funds, direct investments etc.) or has the loss already occurred? By acting quickly and decisively, we can help you to gain an overview of the situation and develop an optimal hedging or recovery strategy for you based on our many years of experience in crisis consulting.

Especially as shareholder, investor or lender of a company in crisis you should not rely on promises of the management or the principle of hope, but act quickly to secure your investment. Based on the individual constellation, we develop a strategically optimized approach and support you in enforcing your rights.

If a contractually agreed return is not paid out, if the repayment of an invested amount is delayed or if contract conditions are to be adjusted out of the blue, these are already the first indicators of a crisis in your investment.

Waiting or acting rashly can significantly increase the risk of total loss in a crisis. As lawyers specialising in insolvency law, we are very familiar with the effects of crisis and insolvency on numerous areas of law such as banking, capital markets, tax and corporate law.

Your interests – assertively represented

Use our know-how to secure a dialogue at eye level with banks, issuers, insolvency administrators and entrepreneurs and help find feasible solutions even in times of crisis.

Our range of services includes all conceivable measures for creditors both before and during insolvency proceedings, the filing of claims in insolvency proceedings and their prosecution at the creditors’ meeting (= Gläubigerversammlung), in creditors’ committees (= Gläubigerausschuss) or in the event of denials by the insolvency administrator. Furthermore, we take over the representation of secured creditors – in particular also in disputes about the existence or non-existence of a security interest – and examine claims from personal liability for compensation of managing directors and board members.

Our expertise covers all investment channels and products. Particularly noteworthy are bonds (especially medium-sized bonds), open and closed fund investments in all areas (e.g. real estate, ships, aircraft, infrastructure, wind and solar parks etc.), profit participation certificates, public limited partnerships and direct investments (e.g. containers).

As a further measure to protect your interests, we will always check for you whether there are any possibilities to deny a possible remaining debt discharge (= Restschuldbefreiung) to a debtor. These procedures in particular often require specialist legal expertise and experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of a crisis. We will support you in protecting or regaining the values you have acquired.


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