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In my almost 15 years of professional activity as a lawyer, I have always focused on the prevention, preparation and conduct of litigation in civil and commercial law. It is part of my self-image that the best legal dispute for a client is the one he does not need to take to court. For a client, a legal dispute is always an exceptional emotional situation that ties up time, money and other resources that he could use more effectively elsewhere. The avoidance of a legal dispute begins with the foresighted drafting of contracts. Precisely because I have seen countless constellations in court from my many years of practice in which the appropriate foresighted drafting was lacking, I can help you to avoid these mistakes for the future. If a dispute cannot be avoided despite all this, going to court is still not mandatory. In particular, the design of effective call letters or the response to such letters often allows arising disputes to be settled at this stage, whether by fully enforcing or defending the asserted claim, or by negotiating and concluding a settlement that is often economically reasonable for both parties. If a legal dispute becomes necessary, you have a highly experienced litigation attorney at your side in me and I will ensure that your legal position is effectively represented at every stage of the proceedings.

This is me for you

A party representative with heart and soul, who will use all the possibilities offered by the rules of civil procedure in particular to your advantage. A consultant who will help you with his experience to effectively limit and at best avoid risks from an arising dispute, which can be existential for you.

My service profile

From my office in Hamburg-Eppendorf, I advise clients throughout northern Germany and represent you all over Germany. Of course I also offer appointments for meetings at your company if required. At my offices in Hanover, Kiel, Lüneburg and Reinbek I have access to meeting rooms where you can meet me through my network.

I offer you legal advice and legal representation in numerous areas of commercial law. My main focus lies on civil procedure law. This includes your legal representation before all German civil courts with the exception of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), where I also know and recommend experienced party representatives from my many years of experience. In addition, I have also represented parties in arbitration proceedings before arbitral tribunals. I am also familiar with other forms of alternative dispute resolution such as in-court and out-of-court mediation, conciliation proceedings before institutions and authorities such as a chamber of trade and crafts and conciliation proceedings before state-approved conciliation boards.

As a long-standing representative of, among others, a German leasing company organised under public law in disputes under insolvency law and as former head of the litigation department of Reimer Rechtsanwälte in Hamburg, one of my main areas of activity is the conduct of litigation for and against insolvency administrators. For example, I have advised and represented clients from the pharmaceutical industry as a creditor in chain insolvency proceedings. I advised and represented a company from the coffee industry against the manufacturer of a special machine in insolvency proceedings of this manufacturer.

During my time at Arnold & Porter LLP in Frankfurt am Main, I also worked in a responsible position in large-volume litigation in which we represented international business law firms in defending alleged breaches of duty by lawyers or tax advisors. I have also advised and represented clients in such disputes who accused their former lawyers or tax advisors of breaches of such duties. One of my main areas of activity is therefore in the area of liability of lawyers and tax advisors (Rechtsanwalts- und Steuerberaterhaftung).

Another focus of activity is the advice and representation of cases in the area of directors’ and officers’ liability. On the one hand, I offer to represent managing directors or board members of companies who are accused of culpable breach of duty by their (former) companies. This also and in particular applies if the directors were covered by D&O insurance during their work. For example, together with a team I represented a former GmbH managing director from the machinery andplant construction industry in a coverage dispute against a D & O insurance company.

On the other hand, I advise companies on the preparation, assertion and enforcement of directors’ and officers’ liability claims against their former officials.

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