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As a lawyer, I see it as my primary task to provide you as a client with a realistic and economically reasonable assessment and solution of your needs and claims. The focus of the economic viability of a legal dispute and the assessment of the economic risk must not be lost sight of. Even if a litigation risk can never be calculated precisely beforehand, the costs of a lawsuit can be calculated very accurately. These costs must not be out of proportion to your economic interest. It is my task to weigh and analyze this together with you in advance.

That is me for you

For my clients I am the “interpreter” for often wooden legalese and complex legal questions. My goal is that you feel involved at all times and that you can always understand the professional implementation of your interests through me.

My service profile

From our office in Hamburg-Eppendorf, I advise clients throughout Northern Germany. We are also happy to hold meetings at your company or by telephone or video conference. At the locations, Hanover, Kiel, Lüneburg and Reinbek I have access to meeting rooms through my network, where we can also hold meetings.

I offer legal advice and legal representation in all major areas of business law. My main focus is on insolvency, contract, and insurance law. In insolvency law, I specialize in defending against rescission claims under insolvency law and have been able to defend a large number of rescission claims for my clients or keep them economically viable by concluding out-of-court or court settlements during my legal career. I am well acquainted with the recurring arguments of insolvency administrators, as I myself worked for insolvency administrators for several years and litigated rescission claims for them. I am therefore very familiar with the “weak points” of rescission claims under insolvency law. I would like to let you profit from this knowledge.

I also provide advice with regard to preventive measures of rescission claims or liability claims of managing directors or other corporate bodies.

Of course, insolvency administrators can also benefit from my expertise, which I have acquired over almost ten years as a lawyer, whether it is about the realistic assessment of the prospects of success of contentious disputes or about the effective enforcement of claims on behalf of the estate.

I also advise you on the implementation of your start-up idea and draft and review all contracts arising in this context, from the articles of association of your company to commercial leases and contracts with suppliers. This also includes the drafting of the appropriate general terms and conditions for your company. I also offer you examination and consultation regarding state and federal legal support possibilities for entrepreneurial investments. No matter if you are planning to purchase a new plant or machine or if you want to redevelop your business premises energetically, I will check for you if your project is eligible for subsidies. Especially in the case of the acquisition of a photovoltaic system, I will be happy to advise you on how to contractually structure the ownership and use of the system.

For policyholders and insured persons, I enforce claims arising from property insurance contracts, especially in the case of damage to buildings. If your property is affected by fire damage, this means not only an emotional exceptional situation, but often also a financial one. If you are accused of a breach of obligations by the insurer and are threatened with a partial or complete reduction of benefits, it is essential for you to get legal expertise on your side. I will advise you on the prospects of success and whether it makes sense for you to conduct expert proceedings in accordance with the conditions.

If you are an insurance broker and are facing liability claims due to alleged misadvise or if you are looking for a representation of your clients’ interests, I will also be happy to advise you.


But also as an insurer you can benefit from my expertise, which I have built up over the past years. Based on my experience, I can assess very well how resilient the factual and legal positions built up by the insured are and whether a contentious dispute offers prospects of success. Of course, I will also negotiate an amicable settlement for you in order to avoid disputes.

Professional career

Since 1 June 2020, I joined the law firm Finkbeiner & Druckenbrodt Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB as an associate.

Previously, I worked at KSB INTAX v. Bismarck Rechtsanwälte Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater PartGmbB, Lüneburg, mainly in the field of insurance law as well as general contract and commercial law. During my time at KSB INTAX, I handled a large number of insurance law mandates and, in particular, major claims after fires with insurers and conducted negotiations with them. I advised medium-sized companies on all contractual and civil law issues.

Before joining KSB INTAX, I worked for SBL Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft in Lüneburg, where I mainly handled insolvency law cases. Furthermore, I set up and managed the department for rescission and restitution claims under insolvency law. My clients ranged from private individuals and medium-sized companies to a trade credit insurer operating throughout Germany, for whom I regularly defended against avoidance claims. I was also able to establish the department of “Debt Collection and Debt Management” in the law firm.

Prior to working at SBL Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft, I was with TPW Todt & Partner GmbH & Co. KG (now Baker Tilly Holding GmbH) as a lawyer in the fields of insolvency and corporate law. For the insolvency administrators working there, I determined and enforced insolvency-specific claims for countless consumer and regular insolvency proceedings and prepared expert opinions and reports for the insolvency administrators and supported them in business continuations.

Studies and training

I studied law in Halle an der Saale. I completed my legal clerkship and my second state examination at the Higher Regional Court of Celle with stages in Lüneburg and Hamburg.

In my free time, I am active in the dog sports club and enjoy life in the countryside with my family. I am enthusiastic about old crafts and like to spend my vacations in Scandinavia.

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