Legal assistance with debts – without waiting time

Immediate legal assistance with debts – without waiting time

We support you as a private individual in the debt trap and represent your interests in the best possible way.

Many people get into over-indebtedness through no fault of their own. This can have many reasons: Unemployment, junk real estate, personal liability for a business or a former partner. Especially in our modern society, over-indebtedness brings with it many difficulties. Lack of creditworthiness or credit rating, blocked bank accounts or visits by bailiffs are some of the side effects. This can develop into a personal disaster. The feeling of seeing no light at the end of the tunnel in the proverbial sense of the word also damps one’s self-esteem and one’s own ability to act. This does not have to happen.

We will help you to get out of debt. Our advantage over public debt counselling is that we can offer you immediate and individual advice. Our many years of experience with debt settlement proceedings, our knowledge of the industry and our negotiating skills will, in the best case, lead to debt relief even without insolvency proceedings. If insolvency cannot be avoided, I will accompany you through the proceedings and will be your contact person for all questions and decisions.

Remaining debt discharge (Restschuldbefreiung) after only 3 years?

The aim of private insolvency proceedings is the so-called remaining debt discharge: complete debt relief after the conclusion of the proceedings. We will help you to achieve this and will also check whether debt relief can be obtained after only three years.

We will introduce ourselves as your legal representative. The most important consequence for you is that the creditors stop writing or calling you directly. We provide you with the breathing space necessary to gain an overview and to develop an optimal strategy for you.

As lawyers specialising in insolvency law, we have the knowledge and experience from numerous successfully accompanied debt settlement and insolvency proceedings, which will help you make a new start through the crisis. You will receive professional help and advice from us, from the execution of the debt settlement agreement to the preparation of the insolvency proceedings and the remaining debt discharge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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