Avoiding insolvency through debt settlement

In order to avoid insolvency proceedings, there is the possibility of an agreement with the creditors. The aim of such an out-of-court settlement of debts is to find a viable solution for you or your company by means of a one-off payment or an agreement on payment by instalments, while at the same time reducing liabilities and avoiding insolvency proceedings.


As lawyers specialising in insolvency law, we have a great deal of experience in the design and implementation of debt settlement agreements and settlements acting in your interests.

Finding ways out of the crisis

In many cases, the strategy of institutional creditors such as banks, social security institutions and tax offices is predictable for us in certain case constellations based on our experience. Take advantage of our expertise in this field!

In many cases, insolvency proceedings are simply not an option when insolvency is imminent, as private real estate may be at risk or for other reasons such as impending loss of pension provisions. For such scenarios, debt settlement is a suitable option.

Please feel free to contact us. In an initial meeting we will sound out any possible opportunities for settlement and accompany you through the negotiation process.

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