In times of the energy turnaround and the responsible use of energy, many companies but also private individuals are considering the use of photovoltaics or other forms of renewable energy.

Planning and acquisition of a photovoltaic system

The planning and acquisition of a photovoltaic system involves a lot of legal questions. When installing a photovoltaic system on a self-occupied home, defects can occur after installation both on the roof (leakage after installation) and on the photovoltaic system itself. These often lead to high follow-up costs and to the question of who can be held liable for them. Based on our experience, we can help you to protect yourself contractually against such risks in advance. If you are confronted with such damages, we will check possible claims and litigate them for you.

If the photovoltaic system is installed on the roof of a house that is not owned by the system operator, it must be clarified in advance how the use of the roof area is contractually regulated and what rights and obligations exist on the part of the system operator and the property owner. From the legal support of such projects, we know the possible solutions for the various problem areas and help you to find the right contractual solution for you.

We will draw up a custom-fit utilization contract for roof and open spaces for the operation of a photovoltaic system, either for the system operator or for the owner of the space used.

Operation of a photovoltaic system

The operation of a photovoltaic system also raises a number of legal issues. Is your system not producing its rated output because it is impaired by your neighbor’s buildings or parts of buildings, for example due to shading? Or are you as a neighbor disturbed by the operation of your neighbor’s photovoltaic system, for example by glare? If so, we can advise you on existing defense and injunction claims and look forward to hearing from you.

Insurance of a photovoltaic system

For the plant operator, the acquisition and commissioning of a photovoltaic system also means that it must be adequately insured. Often the question arises whether a special property insurance for the plant has to be concluded or whether an extension of the existing building insurance is sufficient. We provide you with independent and individual advice in this regard.

With our expertise in insurance law, we are also there for you if your photovoltaic system has suffered elemental damage (hail damage, fire damage, storm damage) and your insurance company refuses to settle the claim in whole or in part.

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