Competence in public procurement law

One of the focal points of our law firm is public procurement law. In this field we represent both bidding companies and administrative bodies such as municipal companies, special purpose associations, state authorities, municipalities and corporations. In this way, we are well acquainted with the considerations of all parties involved. As a client, you benefit from our extensive experience.

Counselling companies in the tendering procedure

Public tenders promise secure, lucrative contracts these days. Sometimes the pool of bidders is correspondingly large when it comes to awarding contracts. However, for you as an entrepreneur, there are many rules and regulations to be observed when public contracts are awarded. Did you know that the source of errors is already so great when it comes to formalities in tendering procedures that an estimated two thirds of public and private tenders would be legally contestable? We will check both tenders and your application for you. We will accompany you during the tendering procedure from the review of the invitation to tender to the preparation of your documents and the notification of defects to the bidder under public procurement law. Here we help to put your technical and professional expertise in the right legal framework and to protect your interests in the best possible way. Of course, we will also represent you in review proceedings before the Public Procurement Chamber against competitors, for example in recourse proceedings.

In all public procurement law matters and procedural steps, we will support you with our expertise as a consultant and lawyer.

Counselling of tendering institutions in the award procedure

As lawyers, we naturally advise, accompany and represent bidders in the tendering procedure. A large number of public procurement tenders are legally contestable from a formal point of view. Especially as a municipality without its own specialized legal department, you have to make sure that public procurement law is properly applied in order not to be attackable or liable. We will support you from the preparation of the invitation to tender to the evaluation of bids and the award of the contract and, of course, also in the event of a complaint under public procurement law by bidders. The aim is always to fully comply with the legal framework and to provide you as a client with the optimum scope of action and discretion in the award procedure. In order to achieve this and to ensure a legally compliant awarding of contracts, it is worthwhile taking legal advice even for smaller projects.

Talk to us without obligation. We will prepare an offer for you that is tailored to the individual case.

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