Concepts for the reorganisation and restructuring of your company

The road to recovery

During a company crisis, we will support you with our specialist legal experience in the reorganisation and restructuring of your company. After initial immediate measures, we will draw up a reorganisation plan for you in accordance with IDW S 6 standard with a continuation prognosis, tailored to your specific needs, and help you implement the plan.

To support you, we work with a multi-stage approach that first addresses the important issues:

1. Your personal liability resulting from obligations to file for insolvency,
2. emergency measures to stabilise business operations; and
3. preparation of the actual remediation concept

We advise entrepreneurs and companies in crisis across all industries and examine all possible restructuring and exit strategies. In particular, we check the existence of reasons for insolvency and, if necessary, eliminate them, advise the company and management on possible liability risks and their avoidance and support the implementation of restructuring measures.

In cooperation with our long-standing cooperation partners, we are always in a position to stabilise the operative business within the shortest possible time and to initiate measures to improve liquidity.

Protective shielding proceedings (Schutzschirmverfahren) and self-administered insolvency (Insolvenz in Eigenverwaltung)

In addition to reorganisation, insolvency proceedings planned in good time can also be a strategic option. For example, an insolvency plan opens up the opportunity to steer the insolvency proceedings from the outset with a restructuring concept tailored to your needs and to shape them strategically in your interests.

Of course, we will also examine the possibilities of a self-administered insolvency for you, if necessary with the inclusion of protective shielding proceedings. These instruments are particularly well suited to the farsighted planning of insolvency proceedings in order to ensure a successful future for a company in need of restructuring. These strategic steps benefit all parties involved. Both the management and the shareholders benefit from this, as do the company’s creditors and employees. I support the management or the board of directors as a consultant or authorised representative in the execution of a self-administration.

The aims of consulting before insolvency are to secure the success of the company, to preserve the values acquired, to create new future-oriented operating structures and to preserve jobs. For all these measures you will find in me a competent, experienced and experienced contact person. We will help you to secure your company and your existence and to create ways out of the crisis.

Mit uns durch Krise und Konflikt


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