The settlement of an insurance claim is often a time-consuming and complex matter of enormous economic importance for the policyholder. The settlement procedure, which is unfamiliar to the insured, is hardly manageable for him without experienced help at his side. Especially in the early phase of a claim settlement, certain formalities and processes have to be observed, which are essential for a successful settlement of the claim by the insurance company. We support you in this respect!

Regardless of whether the damage has just occurred, you have already reported it to your insurer and the claim settlement has begun – but you are not getting anywhere with your insurer – or a conditional expert procedure has already been initiated to determine the amount in damages, we are at your side at every stage of the claim settlement and will help you with the settlement.

Particularly in the case of claims under building insurance policies following fire, hail or storm damage (natural hazards), we will help you to assert your claims against the insurer. In doing so, we represent the interests of both private homeowners and tradesmen, for example farmers.

The loss of house and/or farm means an emotional and economic exceptional situation for the affected policyholder, which unfortunately the insurer often takes advantage of. Thus, in the course of the settlement of major claims, it is not uncommon for the objection of a breach of obligations (for example, failure to comply with safety regulations) or the accusation of underinsurance of a building to be raised, which then entails a complete or partial reduction in benefits by the insurer.

We stand by your side as a reliable and assertive partner and support you in pursuing your complete claims.

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