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Reorganisation and continuation plan

Regain market confidence
As an advisor to our clients in a crisis, we help them to quickly gain an overview of possible insolvency filing requirements and restructuring opportunities. This competence helps you to take the right steps in the right order in a timely manner.

In many cases, …

Continuation of company and business activities

Legal assistance for the continuation of your business activities
As a legal advisor in a crisis, we do not only support you in the initiation and handling of insolvency proceedings, but can also help you to maintain your company, which has often been built up over years, and to continue it des…

Self administration and protective shielding proceedings

Reorganization under self-administered insolvency
In self-administered insolvency, you can still essentially determine the course of your company yourself.

As lawyers specialised in insolvency law, I will accompany you in the planning and implementation of a self-administered insolvency …

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