My understanding of the teaching

Ever since I have been working as a research assistant back in Kiel, I have been involved in imparting legal knowledge to students. My interest in teaching was awakened at that time as head of academic working groups and lecturer in exam preparation, organiser of legal block seminars and reviewer of mock examinations.

Almost since the beginning of my legal career, teaching has an integral part of my professional life. Here, too, German civil procedural law is the main focus of my teaching activities. This is – one would hardly believe it – a field of law which has a shadowy existence in legal education in Germany.

This is what I am to my students: An experienced and committed lecturer who is always available for his students and who attaches great importance to feedback on his courses on evaluations and their results for the future. I like to challenge my students above-average, but I also reward their achievements in my courses in the same way.

Adjunct lecturer and similar commitment

Since the summer semester of 2009 I have held a position as an adjunct lecturer at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. The subject of the lectureship is a block seminar Moot. Over the course of one semester, participants are offered the opportunity to take on the role of a lawyer in a civil case in teams of two. The legal dispute is prepared by preparing written pleadings in a preliminary written procedure. The results of the written pleadings are discussed in a final main hearing. There the participants represent the interests of their client in a legal dispute.

The students are to be taught the mechanisms of litigation in court. In their future professional life, they may be entrusted with the selection of legal advisors for their company and the supervision of the same.

 For this purpose, a deeper understanding of the way these consultants work is extremely important.

During my time in Frankfurt am Main, I also served as a juror at the JLU Moot Court in Giessen as a representative of the Frankfurt am Main Bar Association.

After all, I worked for the Frankfurt am Main Bar Association for many years in educating legal trainee in the introductory course for the bar exam. There, I explained the liability of lawyers to the trainee lawyers in more detail, which is a main focus of my professional activity.

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